The Foundation has been known since its beginning as a non government entity (NGO) private, apolitical and with non-lucrative objectives. It possesses legal entity and it has the purpose of promoting activities that support people and communities with scarce economical resources.

FUNDAP builds its actions based in the motto “Development with Dignity”, in which involves respect for the human being, its culture and traditions; participating actively in its fight against poverty, concentrating its performance currently in the rural area of the southwest of Guatemala. It covers the department of Quetzaltenango, San Marcos, Huehuetenango, Sololá, Totonicapán, Retalhuleu, Suchitepéquez, Chimaltenango, Quiché and Escuintla. Its central offices are located in Quetzaltenango city. Besides it also has 40 branch offices in the area that it covers.

During its more tan 25 years of existence has been successful directing its actions and prove its development models, thanks to its receptivity and cooperation of its beneficiaries; joined with the commitment of its personnel. Currently it employs more than 400 collaborators with the support of more than 30 national and international organizations which have entrusted on it.

In order to get an idea of the Foundation’s work coverage here are some of its statistics: during the year 2000 were supported 38,652 beneficiaries, in the year 2001 were supported 43,768; in the year 2002, 59,609; in the year 2003, 48,292; un the year 2004, 107,724; in the year 2005, 128,378 and in the year 2006, 140,375

Currently FUNDAP’s range of execution is the southwest and portion of the north central part of the country, with diverse programs such as: Micro – enterprise, women and work, education, handcrafts, land-and-cattle farm, infrastructure, health and environment. This support tries to strengthen the family economy, generate and strengthen employment, and the decentralization of the country, under the entrepreneurial approach that seeks sustainability of the actions that it starts. 

The history of FUNDAP’s main programs can be told in the following form: (FODESA) Program to promote and develop handcrafts antecedents trace back to the year 1986 with the execution of the project Momostenango. 

The program of attention to Micro and small business (PROSEM) was started in 1988, and it is directed to the support to micro and small business.

The program of environmental development (PRODAM), started in 1991, with the project forest management, with experience since 1986 with the project Nahuala.

The program land-and-cattle farm promotion and development (FOMAGRO) was started in 1992; with antecedents since 1986 with the project Momostenango. 

The Education Program (PEVI), started in 1992, with integral centers for literacy for children over aged, as an alternative of training in education in the rural area. 

The program women and work; which gives economical support to women from the rural area along with training and advice. It started in 1993 as a project of the program FUNDAP PEVI, becoming what it is today since the year 2000.

The program integral health (PROISA) started its execution in the year 2001. 

Finally, since 2003, it was started the program touristic development (PROTUR)