José Casia Ajiatas


Years go by and I think of my children

“I was born in San José, Chimente, Totonicapán, and I am a member of the group Flor de María. My job is to saw wood, which is a heavy work but has helped me support my family for 20 years. Now I am getting older and it is becoming very dificult to continue working in this field.

all the work we have done,
resulted in opportunities

The Environmental Program of FUNDAP has also given us training, technical assistance and support, which has resulted in the development of forestry management plans for the protection and production of my natural forest. Therefore, it helps us to properly preserve and manage the forest, avoiding illegalities and obtaining economic sustainability sources through the Forest Incentives Program of the government.

All the work we have done has resulted in a series of opportunities that have helped me, my family and the members of the group Flor de María. In addition, we have also achieved the development of the natural resources in our community.”


Enviromental Program

At the age of seventy-three, José is married and father of four children, three women and one man (from paraje San José, aldea Chimente, Totonicapán). José explained how hard it is for him to find a formal job at his age, and how his three daughters depend on him since they are all single mothers.