2019 Annual Report
Words from our President and Executive Director

FUNDAP and technology

Roberto Gutiérrez,
President of FUNDAP


FUNDAP’s philosophy

Jorge Gándara,
FUNDAP Executive Director

Where we work

The region served by FUNDAP represents almost 50% of the population of Guatemala, whose average poverty rate exceeds 65%

FUNDAP Presence

Rest of Guatemala

people assisted in 2019

76% women

24% men

Featured news during this year

Esperanza Project

Proyecto Esperanza

Achievements Technical Centers

Gobernanza Project


Nursing School



Our crowdfunding campaign

We are very close to achieving the objective of our crowdfunding campaign. We only need $3,500 to reach the goal of $21,000, necessary for 50 girls from Retalhuleu to complete the 3 years of basic education.

To achieve this, we are seeking the generosity of 25 donors who can contribute $140 to cover the last year of basic education for 25 girls. Can you help us change their lives?

Help 25 girls to finish their basic education.

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