DESDE 1981

Equidad, honestidad,
libertad, excelencia,
respeto a la dignidad
y democracia.

Our roots

The “Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral de Programas Socioeconómicos” (Foundation for the Integral Development of Socioeconomic Programs) FUNDAP was established on September 22, 1981, as a response to people and communities with scarce economic resources. FUNDAP bases its action on the motto “Development with Dignity”, which includes respect for the human person, its culture and traditions, and participates actively in the fight against poverty.

At this moment, FUNDAP´s working region encompasses the Central Highlands, North and South West areas of Guatemala.

A legacy of more than 40 years

In its 42 years of existence, FUNDAP has been successfully directing its actions and validating its development models, thanks to the willingness to work and collaboration of its beneficiaries and the commitment of its staff, currently 726 collaborators, and the support of more than 120 National and International organizations that have trusted its vision.




of our programs

Handicraft Program

The Handicraft Program was constituted in 1986 with the start of the Momostenango project.

Education Program

The Education Program started in 1992 with the integral literacy centers for over aged children.

Agricultural Program

The Agricultural Program started in 1996 with its background since 1986 with the Momostenango project.

Microcredit Program

The Microcredit Program started in 1988 and since then its focus has been the support of micro and small enterprises.

Environmental Program

The Environmental Program started in 1993 with the project of Forest Management, with the experience since 1986 with the Nahualá Project.

Healthcare Program

The Healthcare Program started in 2001 with specialized focus in Medical Clinics.