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since year 2000


beneficiaries assisted in 2019

During 2019, FUNDAP continued with its purpose of working to build a culture of solidarity and subsidiarity focused on the person and the need to achieve better and more dignified conditions of life, work and freedom, providing support to over one hundred and seventy thousand people.


Excerpt from the annual letter 2018

“The support of our 800 collaborators, donors and beneficiaries has been the key for getting such a good result in 2018. Respect, protection and support are our essence and we will still working for building a more just world and have a solid institution, providing quality service with a human touch.”




beneficiaries assisted in 2018
through the Education Program

Evolución Educación

The education of children and youth is a recognized right. However, it is estimated that in Guatemala a total of 456,080 children between 5 and 6 years of age, 486,982 between 7 and 12 years, 620,310 between the ages of 13 and 15 years and a total of 809,956 between 16 and 18 years, are found outside the formal educational system.
Source: MINIEDUC – Guatemala. 2015.


beneficiaries assisted in 2018
through the Healthcare Program

Evolución Salud

“Four out of ten children (43.4%) under the age of five present chronic malnutrition height-age ratio, a condition that causes less school retention, lower productivity, predisposition to acquire diseases and even loss of IQ or irreversible effects throughout life. Chronic malnutrition affects eight out of every ten (80%) indigenous children.”
Source: UNICEF – Guatemala.


beneficiaries assisted in 2018
through the Microcredit Program

Evolución Microcrédito

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in 2016 a 69.8% of workers in the informal economy were registered, of which a 44% corresponded to the metropolitan urban area, a 68.2% to the urban outskirts and an 82.3% to the rural area of the country.
Source: INE – Guatemala.


beneficiaries assisted in 2017
through the Handicraft Program

Evolución Artesanía

“The Guatemalan Handicraft sector is composed of approximately one million artisan producers and most of them are indigenous, distributed in the 22 departments of the Republic, but with greater concentration in the western and central part of the country. It is estimated that 70% of this population are women, with textile production being the country’s largest handcrafted branch in back-strap and pedal looms, embroidered applications and crocheted woven products.”
Source: AGEXPORT – Guatemala.


beneficiaries assisted in 2018
through the Agricultural Program

Evolución Agropecuario

“Family Agriculture – due to its use of native varieties, soil conservation and improvement practices, it’s less dependence on oil and derivatives and its practice of both polyculture and agro-forestry systems – plays a fundamental role in mitigation and adaptation to climate change ”.
Source: MAGA – Guatemala.


beneficiaries assisted in 2018
through the Environmental Program

Evolución Forestal

“Guatemala has 3,722,595 hectares of land covered by forest, which represents 34.2% of the national territory. For the entire population forests are important because they are suppliers of goods such as wood, firewood, brushwood and other non-timber products. In addition, forests contribute to hydrological regulation, scenic beauty and, above all, lessen climatic impacts among other ecosystem services.”
Source: IARNA – URL.

FUNDAP works around six programs that fulfill the foundational objectives and its institutional mission.