My dream is to start college, study Hotel and Restaurant Management, introduce Guatemalan gastronomy to other cultures and finish the confectionery course I started at the Technical Center.



We are a program of FUNDAP that was constituted in 1992, and is dedicated to the design, execution, and validation of projects and / or educational programs and professional technical training, which have the characteristics of relevance, innovation, and integrality, directed especially to the most vulnerable Guatemalan communities; to direct their own development through the local organization that allows them to believe in themselves and generate growth, respecting their values and decision-making power.


The program constitutes one of FUNDAP’s avenues for the promotion of development whose objective is: to promote the development of the people and their community, through the access and use of formal education and professional technical training programs. Our purpose is to help the underprivileged population, especially children, young people, and women, have access to training programs that contribute to their integral development. At the same time, we work with key community leaders so that, based on their organization, management, and leadership, they can promote educational actions for their population.


With the vision of serving different segments of the population and their needs, the Education Program has established two different lines of action: the community support sector for education, which seeks access to and permanence in basic education, strengthening local organization, updating and teaching qualification under the principles of access, quality, and equity; the sector of generation of capacities for the labor insertion, whose strategic axes are the competitive and high-level technical business training, the strengthening of entrepreneurial ideas, and education for work, in order to achieve a decent job for everyone.

The supported area has an extension of 34,374 Km2 (13,272 Square miles), which represent 31.57% of the national territory.

Results of 2017


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Education Program
Scholarships for girls
Directs its efforts to reduce school atrition, especially of vulnerable girls and young women; which allows them to have better opportunities for development and improvement, both for themselves and for their families. The initiative includes extracurricular training and support for families to design and follow the path of their development.
Educational Quality
Its purpose is to improve the atrition of children at school, the decrease in repetition rates, and the strengthening of the educational community; providing public schools with the pedagogical, technical and administrative inputs to achieve an improvement in educational quality.
Rural Entrepreneurship Promotion ICEFAT
The Institutes for Alternating Family Teaching Cooperatives are basic or diversified educational centers that, based on community participation, promote the training of young people of school age, enabling them to work, the development of the rural environment and the socio-professional insertion.
Integral Entrepreneurial School for Adults CIEM
These are Accelerated Comprehensive Training Centers and teaching centers, whose main purpose is to provide an educational service for young workers, who by virtue of personal and family circumstances linked to their socio-economic and cultural status have left school. The general education is complemented with business training, whose objective is to generate conditions for labor insertion.
Business School
This has the objective of transforming the business practices of micro-enterprises, so that they can be sustainable generating units of employment. It has two service methodologies: a) Impulsa, aimed at incipient businesses to generate good manufacturing and business practices in entrepreneurs; b) MBA is a transformative, demanding and rigorous model that seeks the development of leadership and management skills, leading to acceleration and business success.
Enterprise Development Centers
Its objective is to contribute to the development or strengthening of occupational skills and abilities as a means for labor insertion. The programs are comprehensive including interpersonal, business, leadership, and technical issues. In order to meet the different needs of the population, there are two modalities: a) CEDES, itinerant training model; b) Technical Centers, physical facilities located in convergent cities with defined training workshops in different areas.