Amelia Juana Barrios De León


With FUNDAP I managed to pull trough

“It is a pleasure to tell you about my personal life and how FUNDAP helped me to pull through with my family.

I live with my husband Maximiliano. We have been married for 17 years and we have 6 children who are currently studying. I have a store, where I sell groceries, eggs, seasonal
 fruits and vegetables and candies. I opened the business 
10 years ago and I have been
 receiving financial support 
from village banks for the last 
5 years. In 2010, I received my 
first loan.

I have been working in the Village Bank for 11 cycles. I’m very happy to belong to this group. I have made good use of all the benefits provided by the institution and have participated in the training given by the adviser about interesting topics for women. Savings are also very useful. Once I used part of it for my business.

I feel like a
big businesswoman

The medical clinic is a great benefit we have, as they give us free consultations. I’m very glad to be part of this group, because they take us into consideration. Although my business is small, I feel like a big businesswoman.

Since I started working with FUNDAP, I have managed to pull through with my family. Currently, my credit is for a period of six months.

Thank you, FUNDAP, for your support. I hope you continue to support female entrepreneurs.”



Amelia is thirty-nine years old. She is married and mother of family (from aldea Caxaque, San Marcos). Her main commercial activity is a store of everyday consumer products, and she has been an active beneficiary of the “Village Bank Nueva Ilusión” since 2010.