Diego Uz Lux


All sacrifice is well rewarded

“12 years ago, in search of a better livelihood for our family, my wife and I decided to move to the departmental capital of Quetzaltenango. We took only a few belongings and rented a small house, where we opened a store. One of my cousins, who also had a store, told us he had been given credit from FUNDAP.

however, we continue
working with confidence

His experience encouraged
 me to go in 2005 to FUNDAP offices and apply for credit. I 
received immediate attention
 and I was confident that it 
was the best option to get the support I needed. At first, I applied for a small loan and, eventually, I needed to increase it. Currently, they have given me nine loans and I can a affirm they have been a great help. Once we even had two stores. That was a very good time, but now we have noticed some stagnation of trade, because of the competition among large companies and for the insecurity shown in the city. However, we continue working with the same confidence and faith.

I want to thank FUNDAP, not only for the financial support granted, but also for the service provided in the medical clinics, where the attention received has been very positive and favorable to our needs.

FUNDAP helped me when I needed it most. Thank you, FUNDAP, for being a helping hand. It is only with sacrifice and effort that goals can be achieved.”



Mr. Diego is fifty-eight years old, he is married
 and father of six children (from municipio de Momostenango, Totonicapán). He explained how he and his family have managed to pull through a after moving to the departmental capital of Quetzaltenango. He started in FUNDAP with a small credit that has been increasing.