I have had the opportunity to work at the Foundation for 4 years. Within the activities that we carry out, there is training, advice, are techniques to improve the productive units and support the economic development of the country throughout these years.

I feel happy in this tribe that is FUNDAP, because we value the knowledge of each person, the way of thinking contributes a small grain of sand to improve the situation of our country today. I think it is very important that we work with that main objective, which is to support the people who need it the most. For me it is very satisfying when we come from the communities and return, people identify us and feel safe with us. I think it is the part that has inspired me the most to be in the project and in the organization. I also appreciate that it is a comprehensive program, we support people in different sectors, both in education, health, agriculture, and in my program we specifically improve people’s techniques and encourage them to improve every day, to take advantage of the local resources we have, we are very focused on environmental sustainability and I think that is highly relevant in these times.

I want to thank the Management of the Agricultural Program for the trust placed in me, also the program team for improving together the experience in the communities and thank you very much for serving this great work that is FUNDAP.