I am a FUNDAP agroforestry technician and I have worked at the Foundation for 5 years. Within my job position, I have the responsibility of addressing the environmental issues that are dealt with in the different projects and, depending on the nature of the productive activity to which the user is engaged, advise them on environmental problems that could generate negative effects on the environment.

For me, being in the Foundation represents many things: the first is personal growth, since it allows me to practice my career, second, it is the family benefit, since it gives me a formal job, a fixed income on which my family depends. The third aspect that I consider very important is the constant training that they provide us, our training is a priority, so that we can also provide more punctual and direct assistance to the users that we serve in the field.

For all this, I want to thank the Board of Directors for all the efforts they make to carry out the different projects in the communities, as well as the leaders of the organization’s Agricultural and Environmental Forestry programs, for the support they always give us as field technicians.

But also, I wanted to remember the great work and results that are achieved in the communities, which is a reflection of our work. This work environment that we always try to create among all the collaborators is very pleasant, because it motivates us to continue working.