This is a story of family, learning, changes, and great enthusiasm. Antonia Chávez, 24, is a tireless, resilient, and humble woman who lives in the community of Cojxac, Tierra Colorada, Totonicapán. It all starts in a family nucleus that faced different difficulties, for which her mother was forced to migrate with her sons and daughters to another community, starting from scratch.

That is where FUNDAP came into play, giving her mother an opportunity, thus, Antonia, entered the Claveinas Community Bank in 2008, receiving support with credit for her business of selling hand-embroidered güipiles and which has allowed her to generate income, an activity which has been part of the family’s cultural heritage.

Thanks to this effort and the income obtained, they were able to acquire land, where they built a simple adobe house. Thus, Antonia, continuing with her family tradition, joined Banco Comunal in 2017, motivated to achieve a better life. She invested her first credit in embroidery, keeping a skill alive that she learned as a child.

Through the counselor who assisted her, she heard about the Volunteers in Health course, where her dream of becoming a nurse was born. Antonia was driven by a desire to support her family and her community, as she was concerned about people without medical care. Subsequently, she was offered the opportunity to participate in the Volunteer in Health course in 2018, which she undoubtedly accepted.

Her excitement for learning new things caused her to make the most of the next opportunity, the Nursing Assistant career, starting her studies in 2019 and finishing them successfully. As a result of the pandemic, she had the opportunity to start working in a private hospital in Totonicapán, covering temporary shifts, with a base salary.

Thanks to her preparation, determination, and perseverance, Antonia was hired on a permanent basis, increasing her salary. In addition, she continued with her embroidery activity in parallel, generating monthly income that contributed to improving her living conditions, and building a formal and decent home.

Currently, Antonia has several goals, since she applied for a scholarship for the year 2023 in the CEDE Artisanal Clothing course in her community, she is determined to implement new techniques, acquire a sewing machine, and improve the garments she makes; all to increase her income and thereby continue contributing to family expenses and housing payments, in addition to starting her university studies as a Professional Nurse.

Antonia and her family have been supported by FUNDAP with medical days, scholarships, and training from Community Banks; a support that she has echoed. Therefore, today they are protagonists of its development, with dreams that have become actions as they are trying to achieve a dignified life.