Ramón Gerónimo Az Choj


I earned an income that helped me pay for the institute

“I am the fourth child out of my six siblings. I studied middle school in the Family Educational Cooperative Institute in Alternation, Paxtocá, Totonicapán. My father died 9 years ago and my mom has worked so hard to give us a good start in life. However, what she earns is not enough to help all my siblings.

In high school, I carried out a project and bought 25 broiler chickens. Thanks to that, I earned enough money to pay the fees of the institute.

I earned enough to pay the
fees of the institute>

The Agricultural Program of FUNDAP gave me the opportunity of studying a course in Agriculture and Environment Training, which has helped me to increase my poultry production. Currently, I have 125 birds of different ages in order to have a gradual production. During my training, I learned about technical production management, investment control, good practices in product manufacturing and production of homemade concentrates, which helps me to save money when feeding my birds. I sell chickens every week to my neighbors who know the hygiene measures I use and the personalized attention I provide them. I make home deliveries thanks to my bike. I do not have a formal employment, so I want to work hard to expand my small business. I think all young people can have opportunities to help their families if they study and learn a trade”.



Ramón, at the age of nineteen (from aldea Paxtocá, Totonicapán), decided to conduct a productive project. Today, he is blessed with income thanks to broiler chicken farming. Therefore, Ramón contributes to his family’s economy and covers half of his educational expenses.