Sonia Oralia López De León


God bless FUNDAP, mi granddaughter will be fine

“My name is Sonia Oralia López de León and I live in a small village called El Manantial, Flores Costa Cuca, Quetzaltenango, where I work doing housekeeping.

Due to economic difficulties, my youngest daughter was forced to move to the capital city in search of a job. She had
 to leave her three children in our care, including her little baby.

the baby was
severely malnourished

In April, when the baby was 6 months old, we went to the Health Center and they advised me to join the Nutritional Recovery Project of FUNDAP. On the first visit, they told me the baby was severely malnourished, as she weighed 10 pounds and measured 54 centimeters. they could help me by giving me supplements to improve her weight, but I had to enhance my hygiene and care habits.

In the following controls, we had better results and the baby gained weight.

I learned a lot and about different subjects during my training. In the last control, the girl weighed 16 pounds and measured 65 centimeters. That was a great improvement and I am sure it will help her in her future!”



Ms. Sonia is thirty-nine years old and mom of three children (from aldea El Manantial, Flores Costa Cuca, Quetzaltenango). She is a woman that, despite the hardships that she and her family have faced over the years, has a new motivation to fight and to ensure the future of her granddaughter.