34 years ago I was given the opportunity to work at the organization, directly in the Microcredit program.

My job consists of looking for objectives, analyzing them and directly supporting small business entrepreneurs through loans.

What I like the most about my job is precisely helping small business entrepreneurs to achieve success, which is the purpose of FUNDAP.

Being in FUNDAP has had such an impact on my personal life, since I have the idea that we all need an opportunity, and it has come through the credit that is given to each person, and that is satisfying for me. I can also say that, through FUNDAP, as an institution that has been really quite strong, I have been able to reach and obtain a house, which is something important to my family.

The success of seeing my children with university degrees is when I can really measure the impact that FUNDAP has in all communities.

That is why I state the following: opportunities are in each one of the people, it is each one’s decision to look for all the possible alternatives, in the different programs and in the different options, to find themselves.

I want to thank the Foundation, the Board of Directors and all the members who have directed this institution from the beginning, for giving me the opportunity to work these 34 years in Microcredit, I also thank the team of collaborators of La Máquina, Suchitepéquez, who with their effort, their struggle, and their sacrifice, we have had so many successes. A thousand thanks colleagues and a thousand thanks to the organization.