Vivian Carolina Corado


Games, communication and learning

“I am the principal of the Pachipá School and I teach students who are in their fourth year of elementary school. My dream is to improve cohabitation and communication among my students to counter that individualism that does so much harm to our society. It is not an easy task, but thanks to the help of the Educational Quality Project, I managed to
 graduate from college and now
 I have taken a great challenge:
 to carry out a research project 
about the positive efects of applying “Open Learning”, which 
substantially improves the cohabitation and communication amongst children.

Now they consider education
as something useful

My research project started in 2015 and it will be completed in 2020. During the process, I will apply a training plan for all teachers that want to join this methodology and apply it with their students. I can affirm that the new techniques of Open Learning help my students to learn quickly and prevents school disertion. Now they consider education as something useful, as they not only play but they are also learning. I know that if I can bring about change in my community, other teachers can do it too.

Being part of the Educational Quality Project of FUNDAP has transformed me into an unstoppable machine. It has aroused my interest in doing a serious research on good teaching practices”.



Ms. Vivian is thirty-three years old and mother (from aldea Cheguez, San Antonio, Suchitepéquez). She 
told us about how she and other fellow teachers have upgraded their knowledge in order to achieve a quality education, which has improved the communication and relationships between the students.