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The Foundation for the Integral Development of Socioeconomic Programs -FUNDAP- has been operating for more than 30 years in the south west of Guatemala, promoting different initiatives in favor of the primarily rural population. In this journey we have learned different lessons; one of them is that the promotion of development is not possible if there are external conditions that limit or restrict the autonomy, freedom, and creativity of both the institution that promotes the action and the population that receives it.

Although the concept of “human development” can be very extensive, one could say that it includes the progressive and constant construction of an environment, favoring that each person can develop their potential to the fullest, implement actions according to their interests and needs to live a dignified life, encourage the growth of others, and preserve and improve the habitat where it develops, that is, help people grow with dignity.

In this task of progressive and constant construction, effort is required and the collaboration of many parties, who with the same objective selflessly contribute their skills for the benefit of the common good. However, when this contribution includes conditions that go beyond ethics and demanding professionalism, the task of development is corrupted and is not possible.

The deep appreciation of local entities, the recognition of their experience and understanding of the reality of their environment, respect for their work philosophy and equal treatment, are fundamental aspects that build confidence, dynamism and creative work capacity in favor of the most needy. If there is no respect for the institutions, neither will there be to their beneficiaries.

Conditions of an ideological, religious, political, social, or economic nature limit the authentic participation of a population already fragmented by its history and by unnecessary polarizations, when integral development is an inalienable right of every person, regardless of where they live, their culture and the accumulation of beliefs that you have.

In the chain of development, it is imperative in recognizing others as equals, respect for differences, and the ability to look together in the same direction, aspects that we value in each of the partners that walk with us in this great adventure of promoting the sustainable growth of the region.


Jorge Gándara Gaborit
Quetzaltenango, April 7th, 2018