Susana Domínguez Fuentes


Tomato production in my community

“I am an elderly person, widowed and with 5 married children. I want a good education for my grandchildren and for the people of my community. I have devoted my life to agriculture, particularly to maize, sowing and chicken farming, something my parents 
taught me.

Thanks to the support of 
Community Development 
Council (COCODE), a series
 of greenhouses in macro-tunnels were built for the organized farmers in my community. Then I asked for the support and technical assistance of the Agricultural Program of FUNDAP.

It has been one
of my best experiences

Currently, I have a tomato production, which has been one of my best experiences after all the years I have been working in agriculture. One of my daughters-in-law, my daughter and my 3 grandchildren help me to keep my crops healthy. I managed to sell a tomato production in my community, where I have a small store to sell my products.

I am totally convinced that growing tomatoes is profitable, since I am making a profit and now I am paying the loan FUNDAP gave me for the greenhouse construction. Using part of that money, I bought 20 broiler chickens, which I will sell during summer season and have some money until the new tomato production season arrives”.



At the age of seventy-three, Ms. Susana (from cantón San Juan del Pozo, aldea Piedra Grande, San Pedro Sacatepéquez, San Marcos) told us about how she turned tomato production into her main source of income, by using a greenhouse production system connected to a drip irrigation system.