In the most difficult months, the desire to fight and the support of FUNDAP were key so that the work did not stop. This is the story of Felipa, 28, who was responsible for marketing in an association where people with disabilities work.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way of working and living changed drastically. By suspending the activities of the Association due to government regulations, the associates took refuge in their homes. Taking into account that some clients were placing orders, Felipa decided to take the raw material necessary to continue with the artisan production to the associates’ homes.

Unfortunately, in September 2020 the leader and president of the organization passed away. Those were difficult days, where they even thought of leaving, but with the support of FUNDAP they reorganized. Taking into account Felipa’s initiative, since she had received a diploma in ‘Business Management,’ she was appointed as Director.

Today, they continue to produce and market handicraft products, generating work and income for people with disabilities who make up the association. Felipa is very grateful for the opportunity and intends to do her best to move forward with her Association. We have no doubt that, together, she will succeed.