In 2020, many businesses saw their growth cut short. But with good counseling, there is always hope for recovery. This is the case of Silvia Yolanda, from San Cristóbal Totonicapán, who has been making baby t-shirts for more than 12 years, which her husband initially sold in the capital.

However, 5 years ago she joined the Communal Bank, motivated by having her own capital and growing the business. Thus, she was able to receive CEDE’s and MBA courses, where she learned to improve the quality of her products and business.

But the pandemic changed everything. With the difficulty of not being able to go out and sell, Silvia Yolanda was unable to pay the group’s loan. After contacting a FUNDAP advisor, who was very supportive, she extended the term. In addition, the advisor made visits and calls to motivate them and advise them on new product or business alternatives. She also received telephone advice from an instructor from Impulsa, who encouraged her to make typical masks, getting her husband to learn from her and help her make them, they started going out to sell them in the town square.

Now she offers her products on Facebook and has a closer control of the things that her customers like the most. As she herself indicates, she is motivated and grateful for all the support received, and she hopes to move forward, facing the situation they are going through with great strength. Seeing their record, their courage, and their desire, we are sure that they will achieve it.