Nancy Paola Sánchez Suchí


We want to be different, we just need an opportunity

“My name is Nancy Paola Sánchez Suchí, I am 26 years old and I live in Xecaracoj, sector 3, Quetzaltenango. I finished elementary school when I was 12 years old, but due to the lack of financial resources, I couldn’t continue my high school studies. Since then, I have worked to help my parents. As I was too young  and had little knowledge, I worked cleaning houses and  taking care of children and  elderly people, but my aspirations were different. At 19, I was blessed with my baby –I’m a single mom- and I continued with the same job until I was 22.

With the support of my mother, I managed to enroll in FUNDAP’s school by maturity (CIEM) and study at the same time in the Technical Center to be a confectioner. That dual training allowed me to get a job in one of the restaurants of my area.

My dream is to study
at the university

One of my most recent achievements was getting a prize in a waiter/waitress local competition, which I obtained thanks to the support of my teachers and bosses.

My dream is to study Hotel and Restaurant Management at the university, to promote the importance of the Guatemalan cuisine, to create high-quality local confectionery and to complete the course of professional confectionery. I have full faith and confidence that I will achieve these goals.

We young people want to be different and we only need an opportunity. The obstacles become challenges that we will overcome”.



Nancy is twenty-six years old and she is mother of a child (from cantón Xecaracoj, Quetzaltenango). She told us about how training helped her reach her dreams, making improvements on the economic status of her family, and mainly her son’s.