Gladis, a 16-year-old girl from the municipality of Tejutla, San Marcos, suffered firsthand the exclusion that the pandemic caused in the educational field.

In 2020 she was in the nineth grade. However, when face-to-face classes were replaced by remote ones, things got complicated. On the one hand, the scarcity of resources prevented access to connectivity and devices; on the other hand, on the rare occasions when she was able to connect, it was very difficult to understand the content, forcing her to temporarily withdraw from the school.

In December of that same year, she became aware of the presence of a CEDE (Business Development Center) in her community. Gladis became interested in the beauty course, enrolled and put her efforts into learning during those six months, generating a few resources with what she practiced.

Once the course was over, she decided to undertake making her services available to the public, in a modest but welcoming environment. Now that enterprise allows her to generate income and with it she will be able to continue her education, since as she indicates: “Sometimes we have to go out of our way, but we must never forget where we want to go.”