Kevin Sánchez Cabrera is an inspiring example of perseverance and improvement! From an early age, he faced challenges that did not stop him and led to success in various areas of his life.

Raised by his maternal grandmother, due to his parents’ migration to the United States for economic reasons, Kevin made the courageous decision to work at age 8 to pay for his own school supplies. During these years, he developed skills working in a mechanic’s shop, where he sanded, repaired, and painted cars while continuing to study in the morning.

At the age of 13, he began working as a waiter at a fried chicken stand. He waited tables for a year and then moved into the main kitchen and performed administrative duties. At the same time, he never neglected his basic studies at the “INEB” institute of his community.

At 18, he faced a health challenge after undergoing underarm lymph node surgery, which prevented him from working for a full year. Despite having wanted to study medicine at the San Carlos University of Guatemala, economic limitations led him to abandon that dream. However, he did not give up and found his way in masonry, becoming a skilled master builder.

Since he was 8 years old, Kevin had cherished the dream of having his own business and finally, at the age of 20, he made it come true by starting a propane gas sale with his savings. He married at the age of 21 and shortly after, his first daughter was born. To support his family, he worked in various areas such as plumbing, electricity, and masonry.

Years later, an opportunity came his way thanks to a FUNDAP Health Volunteer facilitator who told him about the scholarships they offered, so he decided to pursue his dream and study to become a nursing assistant at the FUNDAP Technical School of Health. To finance his studies and maintain his home, he worked hard on weekends building.

Once graduated and already with 2 daughters, Kevin looked for a job as a nursing assistant, thanks to his dedication and effort shown during the years of study, he received an offer to work as a pilot and medical assistant at FUNDAP, a role he currently plays. In addition to all this, he continues to dedicate his weekends to building his own home.

Kevin’s success story is a true reflection of his determination, sacrifice, and his ability to overcome obstacles on his way to achieving his goals. He is an example to follow for all those who seek to make their dreams come true!