Amelia López, at 47 years old, is the mother of 3 children, to whom she is a great example. During her journey in life, in spite of suffering ups and downs, she has shown that with hard work and persistence, goals and objectives can be achieved.

She entered the Microcredit program when the Banco Comunal Lluvias de Gracia Sanpedranas opened in September 2007, requesting her first loan to invest in clothing sales. This activity was later changed to selling sliced fruit on the streets, to generate profits faster.

Over the years her business has grown and she currently has two stalls; one in the San Pedro market and the other in the municipality of Tejutla. Now the time has come to give your children the opportunity to get involved in the business by running their own stalls.

With the earnings, she has improved the conditions of her home and is able to cover her household expenses as well as her children’s education. Amelia is very grateful to FUNDAP because the support and good work have been vital in achieving her dreams.