Achieving a vital dream

Beverly Briseyda Monteros Solis

A whole life growing alongside FUNDAP

Beverly says “As a child I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher to teach and train people from my community.” However, her growth took her on different paths. When she was 8 years old and in the third grade, she entered the Project ‘Scholarships for the Girl’,
receiving the necessary school help to continue studying and continue being linked to FUNDAP until the 7th grade in a place called ICEFAT, where she received a scholarship again. Family problems made these scholarships key for Beverly. All of this happened before starting with the courses of the Technical Center of San Marcos in order to help economically in her home.

Thanks to FUNDAP now
I have a dream to fulfill.

The support and protection of her brother, who was waiting for her at the bus stop every night when she was returning from her training, so that she didn’t feel afraid, added to the support from her mother, who had a sewing machine; helped Beverly found her new calling. She started with a ‘Dress making’’ course, where she was benefited with 50% of the costs, she soon invested her profits and bought another sewing machine that was more modern. She also used the newly acquired knowledge in the ICEFAT to make money with crops and with pig breeding, in addition to performing work such as making shirts, uniforms or blouses, and doing embroidery. The purpose of all this was to actively contribute to her family’s economy.

In this process, Beverly discovered her vocation and that’s why she, along with
her brother Adoni, started her own workshop fashion design called “La Villa”. This is what she currently does for a living, although in the future she would like to be a dressmaker instructor and help others. She received, from FUNDAP, tools to fight for her goals and now she makes dresses, like the one in the photograph, which was selected for the candidate of the ICEFAT in a beauty pageant contest. Beverly is very grateful for all that this vital growth since childhood with the Foundation has meant, and, as she indicated,
“Truly, there are not enough words to express my gratitude for the opportunity that was given to me, now I have a dream to fulfill”



The story of Beverly Monteros was always linked to FUNDAP. Originally from Villa Flores Village, Tejutla municipality, this young woman pushed forward with great effort. At age 19, she is currently studying 'Fashion design', but previously culminated courses in 'tailoring' and ‘bespoke design’, all were done in the Technical Center of the Foundation.