My name is Sonia Ambrosi and I am the Project Coordinator at the Technical School of Health. I joined the organization 20 years ago in the Health Volunteers program; A very nice experience that I will not forget and that really made me appreciate this project.

I had my first work experience in a hospital and later I came to the Organization to learn about the other part of the job, where we do not care for patients directly, but we are training the staff that will provide this service. Therefore, I have grown enormously in a professional way, knowing the best ways, didactics, and techniques, in order to provide students with quality learning.

Wherever the doors are opened to take students to carry out their internships, in hospitals, headquarters, health centers, and health posts, we always keep in mind the institutional culture, where we promote values amongst young people, trying to train them in an integral way.

On a personal level, I believe that due to the experience I have and the way I have developed here at the organization, I can say that I am a model for my daughters, for my sons-in-law, and for my five grandchildren; they see in me a person who has always continued to fight.

The work that FUNDAP does is amazing, reaching families. When we help a person, that person pays it forward with their family, and then this family can also motivate others who live close to them. This is our task, for families to become self-sufficient so that, little by little, we can promote development.

For this reason, I am very grateful to the FUNDAP Board of Directors, which is made up of people who believe in development and in everything we do as an institution; Engineer Gándara, who always shows us his love and support; also with Eunice B.A., who is the Manager of the Health program, to be able to have what we have and be able to communicate to the younger generations that the best is yet to come.

My thanks also to all the colleagues in the Health program, because in the different projects we work for the benefit of the most needy families, reaching their communities, and also promoting education, we believe, through this, that we are contributing to the development of our country.