Luis Ángel Tambriz Catinac, is a 23-year-old native of Palanquix, Nahualá. After already having very eclectic experience, like most young people, he had the desire to search for new opportunities. After graduating from high school and not being able to find a job due to lack of employment opportunities, he came close to migrating to the United States, but in the end he decided to dedicate himself to working with wood.

He started as an assistant in a community carpentry cooperative, where he learned from his challenges and difficulties and persevered in this art. After visiting the COPINA R.L Cooperative several times, he received an invitation to use the collective workshop and then become a member of the cooperative.

He is currently a professional carpenter and has the necessary tools for his work as well as the working capital to produce the furniture that the market demands. All this would not have been possible without the motivation of the managers of COPINA R.L. and the availability of machinery and equipment donated by FUNDAP. Luis Ángel is an eager, naturally hard worker and we promise him a future full of opportunities.