This is the story of Enma Noelia whose motivation in life is her six children. With this motivation running at full speed, she started her work in a beauty salon 25 years ago, where she has learned and improved what she had learned in the technical courses that she took. After becoming independent from her family’s home, she started a small business in a hair salon, making her services known, although later she would open her own salon, which she still has today.

In 2019 she added new services of manicures and pedicures, which allowed her to employ a young lady who helps her with these tasks. Previously in 2015, she needed to invest in her salon to meet demands during the high season. Just when she opened her salon, a new Communal Bank near her town opened. There she received a loan that she used to invest in the purchase of products and materials, which brought in earnings to support her family.

Enma Noelia is very happy with the training she got at the Communal Banks. The knowledge that gained from the training she has been able to apply to her business. That is why she wants to continue learning and growing her skills so that she can open another beauty salon where she can offer more services to the public. She is a highly motivated entrepreneur.