Debbie López


Debbie was always an outstanding child, who shone in class, but the family economy was holding her back. Thanks to the scholarship program, she was able to graduate as an Early Childhood Education Teacher and works as a CONALFA monitor. This is her story:

Debbie was always an outstanding child, brilliant in her grades, but with many economic limitations to be able to continue with her studies, which made her permanence in school to be reduced.

The Scholarships for Girls Program started with her on this path of academic formation; when she was in fourth grade she got a scholarship and thus began the support until she finished high school education. After that and by her own means she was able to finish her degree and graduate as a Pre-school Teacher.

Debbie is now 21 years old and lives in San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta, San Marcos. For her and her family this has been a significant achievement, because a mother, from the time her daughter is little and teaches her her first letters, only wishes for her daughter to have a much better school career than what she could have aspired to. That is why she is so happy to currently work as a monitor in the CONALFA program, with which she provides for her household. The CONALFA program is The National Literacy Committee -CONALFA- was created for the execution of the literacy process, as a superior organ, mainly promoting literacy.

Debbie has always shown great interest in learning and sharing what she has learned. Now she also supports the Scholarship Program as a tutor for her local book club, doing her part to help more children discover, through reading, a wide world that will enrich their lives.

Debbie’s gratitude is great, and she ends with the following sentence: “Being on scholarship was the opportunity of a lifetime”. Thus, she understands how important education is, and that she is now a reference in her community. When you want to do things, you can do them with great satisfaction.