My name is Yeni. I am 22 years old and I live with my family in the Xecarajoc Canton of Quetzaltenango. My desire is to continue to specialize in my art and provide employment to other people.

After finishing the 9th grade in 2014 I wanted to continue studying, but due to the economic situation of my family it was not possible.

However, in 2015 I was able to start training in ‘Machine Embroidery’ at the FUNDAP Technical Center, acquiring the necessary skills to start a typical clothing sales business. My own clients encouraged me to design and embroider huipiles, so I continued my training in ‘Artisan Cutting and Dressmaking,’ perfecting the quality and finish of the garments.

This preparation has helped me to strengthen my knowledge, abilities, and skills in the business area, which I also complemented in 2019 by training in ‘Continue to learn.’ All this has improved the administrative and operational processes of my business, although I still want to continue my training in order for my company to grow and to be able to hire other people.