Cipriano is a farmer and forester in the Bella Linda area, Choquí village, where the land is not very fertile and experiences lots of drought due to deforestation and climate change. After suffering many losses in his crops and looking for solutions, he decided to train as an Agroforestry and Environmental Promoter, a course he was taking in Paxmaramac, which he had to walk 6 kilometers to get there.

With this training he learned to protect the forests of his community, he learned about the cultivation of tomatoes, fruits, and vegetables, and he learned about how to fight pests and diseases by using organic and environmentally friendly products.

FUNDAP supported him through the development of forest management plans entered into the PINPEP Forest Incentives Program, a key step for his current dedication to caring for forests, and helping to prevent deforestation. With the money obtained from the incentives, he built a tomato greenhouse, making the most of his available resources and generating employment in his community, starting with his family. Without a doubt, Cipriano’s history story shows us that training and the good use of forest incentives can be the first step towards a profitable future.