Víctor Roblero


Inside the Agricultural Program, I attend the project Sustainable production of nutritious foods FABRE. After 8 years working at the Foundation, my activities are as follows:

As an agricultural technician, we support the implementation and strengthening of the agricultural production of the beneficiaries through the training of promoters, training, technical assistance visits to the productive units, implementation of plots model and facilitation of productive technologies, among others.

What FUNDAP represents from my professional field

It is a serious institution, committed to the comprehensive development of the most disadvantaged families. An institution that has reached the highest quality standards in its administrative and operational processes to provide the support that its beneficiaries need. FUNDAP is professionalism….!

Regarding the most valuable learning that I have had in my job, I would say that:

Personally, through the technical training program, I have been able to acquire new knowledge to be able to carry out my work in an assertive and empathic manner. Also I acquired new skills and abilities, for example, in the Agricultural Program they trained me on the execution of forest management plans, the implementation of high production systems in reduced spaces and the construction of greenhouses with appropriate technologies. In short, it has allowed me to increase my knowledge and self-confidence.

In addition to that, I feel committed to the Foundation to give the best of myself for the benefit of others. I feel safe and supported, with the facilitation of the tools I can do my job happy and content.

The advice that I would give to the new staff:

  • Fight for personal and institutional goals.
  • Constant updating and training.
  • A lot of humility.