Helmuth Luther


Currently, I work for the Microcredit program at the Coatepque branch, where I began my work 30 years and 6 months ago. There I do the following activities:

  • Ensure compliance with the goals established in the branch.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules and regulations, as well as the Codes of Conduct and the proper use of institutional assets.
  • Promote non-financial services that are available to beneficiaries and their families, and to people in need.
  • Ensure the Integrality of the collaborators of the branch and the other programs of the Foundation.

Regarding my professional field, FUNDAP represents:

An institution that, through the different programs and projects, seeks the integral development of the people who receive care. In addition, FUNDAP is a pioneering institution in the field of development, which has achieved recognition at the local, national and international levels for its good practices, transparency and correct and adequate administration of resources. Undoubtedly, the most valuable lessons I have learned in my job have been: “Getting to know many people and their economic activities, the effort and sacrifice that carrying them out entails, and how they manage the money they obtain from them.

Knowing their plans, their dreams for them and their family, and that at a given moment the advice or suggestions I have given have changed their lives. Also, at the level of the collaborators, I have managed to get to know them and gain their trust, to the point that I have had the opportunity to advise them on certain situations they are going through when they have requested it. But, above all, I am convinced that in Guatemala it is possible to get ahead, to train the new generations, and encourage them to continue studying; that with the correct use and exploitation of the resources it is possible to obtain what is necessary and avoid emigration.”

How I feel working at the Foundation:

“It has been a means to be able to fulfill my goals as a child and in life, also supporting people who need it. Many of my values, with which I was formed by my parents from childhood, have been complemented by institutional values, which has made me enjoy my work. In addition, working at the Foundation has been the means to achieve my personal development and that of my family. Thanks to that I have a home, a vehicle, but mainly the opportunity for my wife and children to participate in the courses at FUNDAP, as well as being able to enroll them in schools where they have been trained to be successful professionals. Two are currently studying at university and one is about to graduate this year.”

Advice I would give to new staff:

  • Empower yourself from the Foundation; we are the Foundation:
    That our actions every day be focused on fulfilling the vision and mission of the Foundation.
  • Be an example to others:
    Let us always remember that people will be aware of our acts and actions, and they will always keep in mind that we represent the Foundation.
  • Seek the sustainability of the Foundation:
    Make good use of the resources provided to us in the Foundation and take care of the institutional heritage. What we have today has been the result of proper administration and proper management, it has cost a lot and it has taken a long time to achieve it.