Werner Paxtor


Werner Jesús Paxtor Pérez is an artisan and high school graduate, he is 20 years old, he is single and lives in the village of Esquipulas Seque, San Carlos Sija, Quetzaltenango. Motivated by his mother, in 2015 he joined the Association of Weavers for Integral Development (ATEDI) to learn the art of weaving. During 2021, through the Competitiveness project, FUNDAP provided productive technical assistance to learn various weaving techniques and designs on a pedal loom. The most relevant thing that he learned lately is the use of the double-width loom and the “falsería” technique with 29-sheet aviation; With what he learned he has perfected several weaving processes.

Werner is passionate about weaving, he currently has a steady job and is very happy because he helps his parents with the income he earns.

Werner says: “I thank Fundap and the Competitiveness Project financed by the European Union, for the training they have given us on productive issues for free in the community, this helps fulfill my dream, because in the future I want to be a weaving teacher to teach others.”