As a result of the health emergency that the country is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teacher Floriberta Miranda Ramos has found it necessary to develop the learning process with her students in a different way, taking into account that the technology is not available to everyone.

Thanks to her ingenuity and creativity, she has adapted the techniques and strategies learned in the programs given by the project “Promotion of Educational Quality,” in the context of the rural community where she works. Using various recycled materials, she has made material packages for mothers who volunteer and support her in the early educational stimulation of pre-school children in her sector, neighborhood, or block. Each pack contains puppets, puzzles, memoirs, lotteries, crafts, and sensory mats.

From the Párvulos Official School where she works, in the Municipality of San Pablo, department of San Marcos, Mrs. Floriberta, as she is called in the community, trains these mothers. They, in turn and with great enthusiasm, educationally stimulate the children of their neighborhood, or block in small groups of three children. Without a doubt, an example of creativity and improvement in the year 2020, which was so complicated for everyone.