When Zoila enrolled in FUNDAP’s Technical Health School, her dreams and values were clear. In 2017 she began to work in a National Hospital and, in her available times, in a private one, with the clear objective of practicing her profession and continuing to study to be a professional nurse.

She is constant and hard-working, and in April 2020 she was transferred to the respiratory therapy department, inside her hospital. There, she served as a respiratory therapist, a role that, in the context of a pandemic, is of vital importance. In addition, she sees different cases every day: from newborns to elderly patients, whom she treats with special affection.

She is currently in the fifth semester of Professional Nursing and practices her profession with care, inspiring others to study. As she herself indicates, “working in health is the opportunity to contribute to life,” and that is why she recommends future students to choose a career in this field. What an excellent job!