Mrs. Lucía Vásquez survives in her daily struggle as best she can, like many women in southwestern Guatemala. Despite the effort and strenuous work hours in her home, she and her husband do not have the necessary resources to meet the needs of her family. Two years ago she had her fourth child, Diego Asher, who at 2 years and 6 months has faced great challenges due to chronic seizures caused by his epilepsy.

Although Lucía was pregnant again, now with twins, and gave birth successfully, health volunteer Miriam Mérida helped them enter the Nutritional Recovery program. Thanks to the nutritional supplement and the medical check-up, Diego has gained weight, height, and leveled his standards, in addition to greatly improving his motor skills.

She is a spectacular mother, because she has changed fundamental aspects of her home such as hygiene and water treatment. The key to her change is “dedication, effort, and a lot of love,” because she gets up every day to ensure that her 6 children eat properly. Without a doubt, she is a mother who makes a difference.