Before training with FUNDAP, Carmela Roblero wondered: Is it possible to change the customs and planting processes? She is a housewife residing in Aldea Buena Vista, El Rosario, Tejutla, San Marcos, and in addition to housework, she also works in agriculture. Previously, she cultivated corn and potatoes in a conventional way, using chemical products for the care and fertilization of her crops.

After completing her training as an agricultural promoter, her techniques improved and she learned other, more appropriate ones, as well as the importance of growing other foods, such as vegetables. She has shared this knowledge with five more families in her community, to whom she has provided support in their crops and in vaccinating their animals.

Currently, Carmela has a family garden, diversified with 12 species of crops, in addition to producing potatoes and corn, which are managed organically, and in an environmentally friendly way. A great job; a lot of learning and support for her community, her family, and her neighbors.