Guadalupe was orphaned at a very young age and her grandparents could not afford to keep her in school. Thanks to the Scholarship Program, she was able to finish elementary and high school education and is now a Tutor at FUNDAP. This shows her dedication:

Guadalupe is married and has a daughter, with whom she resides in Comitancillo San Marcos. She was orphaned at a very young age and grew up with the support of her grandparents, unfortunately they did not have enough money to pay for her education that is why she entered the Scholarship Project for Girls, being one of our scholarship students allowed her to complete elementary and high school education. Undoubtedly, this encouraged her to continue studying until she finished her academic education and graduated.

Now she is an academic tutor at the Scholarship Project, supporting us with the reading club at the San Pablo school from her community. Her dedication and love for the project makes her share with passion her own experience, motivating more girls and young women to achieve their dreams.

Guadalupe understands that education is a essential part of being able to develop as a person and to put everything she has learned at the service of the community. Thus, she works hard so that her daughter will have more opportunities than she had in her time, and therefore she can see her succeed in life.

Finally, she is deeply grateful to the Scholarship program, because without the support received, she would not have been able to succeed, and at the same time she is also committed to continue helping her community.