The story of María Velásquez is that of a 21-year-old girl who knows the power of her actions. She lives in the Sector Vásquez community, Aldea Paxoj (Huitán) and during 2018 she participated in the training course for ‘Volunteer Agricultural Promoters’ of FUNDAP.

Characterized by her enthusiastic, enterprising and collaborative attitude, she decided to also participate in the solidarity and food security project for vulnerable families in her community, promoted by FUNDAP in 2021. Always motivated to share her knowledge and help her neighbors, so that they can produce their own food. Thus, she entered the project being responsible for serving 5 families with food vulnerability, providing technical assistance and transferring the knowledge she acquired in the training course.

The process of training and experience of María has had an impact on her community and, on a personal level, she managed to implement new agricultural production techniques and diversify her production, now also with eggs and edible mushrooms, both as a source of protein for her family’s diet. Her desire is to continue planting her path and increase her production volume, both in vegetables, as well as in raising laying birds and edible mushrooms.