How important it is to know how to diversify the business when necessary. In Ingrid Maribel’s case, she started her clothing business 10 years ago, when she joined the Divinas Quetzaltecas Communal Bank. Logically, due to the pandemic, her income decreased, since her clients prioritized the purchase of food.

Like her fellow group members, who had difficulties paying FUNDAP, they spoke with her advisor and resolved this situation. They got more time to pay off the principal, but also a lot of motivation, with stories of other people who were successful in her business. The key was to guide Ingrid Maribel towards diversification, selling ponchos for the season and starting with a sale of cleaning products and daily consumption at home.

In this way, she was able to generate income to meet her commitments and move on. But, in addition, her advisor guided her to have a more adequate control of income and expenses, reviewing the expiration dates to avoid losses. Because of all of this, she was able to manage her business in a better way.