Jaquelyn is a health volunteer, committed to her community, and did a great job during the pandemic. This brave woman lives in the village of Cerros, Pacayá, in the municipality of Coatepeque. Her aspiration is to prepare herself more in the field of health, because she is convinced of her usefulness to better serve others.

When the pandemic began in her community, due to COVID-19, there were many needs, mainly health and food insecurity. This made Jaquelyn motivate other colleagues, also volunteers in health, to form a group that could attend to emerging needs. Thus, she managed to convince six of them, forming a group that organized the following activities:

  • Food collection with local residents, managing to support 24 of the vulnerable families.
  • COVID-19 prevention campaigns, remembering the use of the mask, promoting correct hand washing with demonstrations, and promoting nutrition with local products. With this campaign they were able to reach 200 families. These initiatives contributed to the fact that, in that specific community, there have been no infections since October.
  • Dengue prevention campaign for 250 families.
  • Weight and height monitoring, recruitment and care of 19 children with stunting and growth retardation.
  • Support provided to health centers in the vaccination process of 2,500 dogs and cats in the community.