César Alberto had problems with his vegetable production, especially tomatoes. When working in the open field, his harvest was affected by the weather or pests, resulting in low production and economic losses.

This young man from San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta, in San Marcos, decided to join the ICEP project to improve his knowledge. Through face-to-face training (at the beginning of 2020), virtual and personalized agricultural assistance, he was able to improve his production. He managed to diversify his production with other vegetables such as onion, chili pepper, and coriander, in addition to modernizing his way of growing tomatoes, with new production techniques and the implementation of a shed.

Thanks to the innovation and the market opportunities that arose in the confinement caused by COVID-19, where the demand for vegetables increased due to the decrease in production, he managed to obtain the necessary income to increase his productivity and offer better products. in your community. A great example that work, collaboration, learning, and innovation must always go hand in hand.